Karrie Webb Wins LPGA Tournament at Salina Country Club

Karrie Webb with trophy after winning the LPGA Championship at Salina Country Club

Salina Country Club proudly hosted the 2022 LPGA Senior Championship with a full three day event coming to an end last week. Karrie Webb was named Champion in her first senior event.

Our much anticipated event brought people together from around the world to participate and enjoy a weekend-long tournament filled with challenging and exhilarating activities for amateurs and professionals alike. 

Annika Sorenstam vs. Karrie Webb Face Off

Annika Sorenstam played against Karrie Webb as her rival for this year’s Ladies’s Professional Golf Association senior title. As a Swedish Professional Golfer, Annika is deemed among the best golfers in the world with more than 94 wins to her name since turning pro in 1992. A total of 73 of her professional wins are from LPGA tours and she continues to prove strong in every competition she enters. 

Australian-born Karrie Webb is a professional golfer actively participating in tournaments across the globe. She has won a total of 41 LPGA tours since turning pro in 1994. Karrie is 47 years old and like Annika, is also a current member of the World Golf Hall of Fame. They’ve been long-time rivals, competing against each other in past tournaments. 

Karrie Webb’s First Senior Championship Title

The 2022 LPGA Senior Championship tournament offered Karrie Webb a challenging yet rewarding victory playing against a well-experienced rival— Annika Sorenstam. Despite the loud cheers for Annika and the reputation she carried throughout her many years dominating women’s professional golf; Karrie Webb persevered. She closed with a 5-under 67, for a four-shot victory over Annika Sorenstam

Karrie Webb was pronounced the winner, later taking the stage with thanks and appreciation for her rewards and recognition. As her first senior title, Karrie Webb played her best, telling reporters, “It was kind of a ‘game-on’ moment. Once that went in [Annika’s hole out on #1 from her midrange pitch], I was like, ‘All right, here we go.’ I just knew I had to play my best golf.” 

As two Hall of Fame players, the pressure was felt by them both. Annika closed with a 69, not making a birdie the rest of the way and putting Karrie in the lead. Karrie finished 14-under 202 winning her first senior title and a prize of $60,000.

Congratulations to Karrie Webb from everyone at Salina Country Club and our community at-large!

The Salina Country Club Experience

The Salina Country Club provided a beautifully spacious and bright backdrop for the tournament. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and excitement from fans, spectators, amateur players, and fellow participants. Sponsored by The Bennington State Bank with a portion of the proceeds supporting the Love Chloe Foundation.

Overall, the Salina Country Club is proud of the way our community came together to make the experience for everyone involved a memorable one. All our sponsors and partners assisting with accommodations and activities throughout the weekend are tremendously valuable for their contribution towards the success of the 2022 LPGA Championship Tournament. We became a part of history and continue to offer our support to future events that showcase the skill and passion of professional and amateur golfers. 

Bringing the Community Together

For over 100 years, the Salina Country Club has been a landmark in many people’s lives as we provide a way for people to meet, mingle, and play together. Members have enjoyed the club for generations and have gathered here to get away from the stress of their professional lives and create cherished memories with their families. 
Contact us today to learn about our community and enjoy our amazing amenities.


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