Is Red Wine Bad for Your Health?

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The issue of drinking wine and its impact on your health has been controversial as some argue for and against ingesting any form of alcohol. However, there are undoubtedly countless readers who would claim the immediate health benefits of red wine on their mental health, improving their sense of sanity and overall calm. 

It’s true, there lies many knee jerk votes when it comes to drinking red wine as well as some questions that may arise. For example, does the occasional intake of red wine negatively or positively affect the body?

We’ll be looking at both sides of the argument and hopefully shedding new light on an old subject. 

Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Here are just a few highly mentionable benefits of consuming red wine:

High in Antioxidants – The grapes used to make red wine are rich in antioxidants from the resveratrol contained in the fruit’s skin. These antioxidants help fight off oxidative stress, the environmental pollutants our bodies absorb daily. 

Lower Levels of “Bad Cholesterol”Some studies have shown that resveratrol in the body helps protect blood vessels from becoming damaged, reducing LDL levels of cholesterol and preventing blood clots from forming. 

Improves Gut Health Bacteria Polyphenols are shown to improve the gut biome in a person’s intestinal tract. They do this by encouraging the body’s growth of good bacteria, while reducing the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Similar to probiotics and prebiotics, polyphenols act in a similar manner. 

The Downside of Red Wine

Although red wine is fantastic for all of the above mentioned reasons and more, there are some downsides worth noting. 

The biggest downside is for those who are medically inclined to have an adverse reaction to consuming red wine or any alcoholic beverage. When your health is at stake, it is best to abstain from drinking red or white wine and opt for an alcohol-free beverage instead. 

Nothing is more important than preserving your health and being in optimal inner and outer condition. Although red wine shows to offer many benefits, the component of alcohol itself in any form may trigger a harmful biological reaction. 

Who Should Avoid Drinking Red Wine?

Anyone with pre existing health is susceptible to encountering negative effects from consuming alcohol of any kind. 

Diabetics are especially vulnerable to severe reactions from consuming alcohol due to its blood sugar spiking capabilities. Any person currently taking prescribed medications are cautioned to limit or reduce all alcohol consumption. Your medication label or physician can guide you in what you are allowed to consume while taking certain medications. 

Living According to Your Lifestyle and Values

The wonderful thing about foods and drinks is that we get to decide exactly what we consume and how we manage the health of our bodies. We shouldn’t feel pressured either way in the debate on drinking red wine. You have to decide for yourself, according to your health, your lifestyle and what you value most. For some, red wine is a huge benefit to their social lives and overall health. To others, it may cause negative health effects. 

Either way, your body will tell you if you’re making the right choice or not; we’ve all experienced the downside of having too much of a good thing. So, keep tabs on what’s best for you and raise a toast of wine or water to that!

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