Salina Country Club History

Our country club began over 100 years ago…

January 10, 1911

February 4th, 1911

July 27th, 1912

Old vintage black and white photo of Salina Country Club building


Female members of the Salina Country Club formed the “Country Club Ladies.” An organization of women who kept each other company while playing rounds of golf.


The Salina Country Club hosts its first Ladies’ Golf Championship to honor the incredible talent of female golfers.

August 8th, 1968

After a year of renovations, the Salina Country Club moved into its newly renovated clubhouse with an upgraded interior, swimming pool, and sprinkler system throughout the clubhouse.

Lifeguard stand at country club swimming pool Salina, KS

September 12th, 1984



The Salina Country Club underwent an expansive $2 million renovation to continue to modernize the club and its amenities.

February 11th, 2011

The Salina Country Club celebrated its 100th anniversary as well as its partnership with Troon Golf, LLC.

May 28th, 2021

Jason Ingermanson, founder of JRI Hospitality, purchases the Salina Country Club with plans for future growth.

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