Wally Beets-John Marino


In March 2005, the Board of Directors of the Salina Country Club voted to establish the Wally Beets-John Marino Scholarship Fund. The scholarship was created to honor individuals who display great devotion to the Salina Country Club, its members, and its employees. Recipients of this prestigious award are one of the many reasons why our country club is recognized as one of the best clubs in central Kansas. 

Total Amount Available: $2,566 (Minimum of $500 award)

Criteria for Recipients

  1. Applicants currently are or have been employed by the Salina Country Club within the 24 previous months

  2. Applicants must be eligible to attend or are currently attending any accredited post-secondary institution

  3. Applicants must have a 2.0 minimum GPA

  4. Applicants must provide a letter of recommendation from a current or former teacher, or another adult for whom the applicant has studied or worked-outside of the Salina Country Club

  5. Applicants should display strong characteristics in one or more areas including leadership, community service, extra-curricular school activities, or employment

  6. All merit criteria being the same, the primary basis for awarding scholarships will be student financial need

  7. All applications shall be judged on the merit of the application with regard to the criteria outlined above, and no special preference shall be given to applicants because they may be members of the Salina Country Club
Country club attendant organizing Salina Country Club clothing items

Determination of Recipient

Applications will be reviewed and a selection committee shall determine scholarship recipients. The selection committee shall consist of ten members.

Application Available Online at:

Deadline for Application: 2/15/2024

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