Serious About Your Fitness Goals? Join a Country Club

Fitness Goals

Not surprisingly, the health and fitness industry has seen a significant boom since experiencing so many lockdowns and global threats against our health. More people are serious about their well-being through physical exercise, healthy eating, and plenty of outdoor activity.

Fitness goals are common, but what makes people actually achieve them? 


Having the right strategy makes all the difference. Here are some reasons why you should strongly consider joining a country club to make your health goals a reality.

Blending the Old with the New

Today’s country club is the perfect match between the old and the new. The classic activities of golf, tennis, and swimming now include state-of-the-art fitness centers and integrated technology to enhance the experience for everyone. Country clubs have existed for hundreds of years and the reason they continue to thrive is their timeless incentives. They are true to tradition while keeping up with what modern technology offers. Members of all ages are welcome to pursue their health goals within an environment that supports many different interests.

Country Clubs: A Holistic Solution to Health and Fitness 

Country clubs are gaining popularity because they offer such exclusive membership amenities that are holistic to a person’s health in more ways than just another gym membership. 

How unique are country clubs to other alternatives? Listed below are some examples of the holistic advantages country club members are afforded:

Social connection – The purpose of country clubs centers around social connection. As more people are seeking to connect with others after coming out of a remote-quarantined lifestyle or having relocated to a different state, country clubs are the perfect solution. They offer in-person socialization while you enjoy a number of physical activities. Combining the mental and physical connection is key for anyone taking their fitness goals to the next level. Studies show that having a strong support network for your fitness goals increases your chances of success significantly.

High-quality food – Country club dining offers a health-driven experience with quality menu items for everyone. As you spend time with your friends, family, business partners, or new acquaintances, you’re able to enjoy foods and drinks that support your active and social lifestyle. 

Year-round social events – Regularly organized events held year-round are a main feature of the country club experience. When you form strong friendships within your community, you’re more likely to stay consistent and see your fitness goals met. 

Highly versatile – Whether you’re golfing, swimming, playing tennis, or planning your next wedding or holiday event, the country club has it all. You can enjoy indoor and outdoor activities all year long at your leisure. With competitors from all over the world, golf competitions also enhance your experience and desire to complete your goals. 

The country club experience is meant to prioritize the health and well-being of the individual and the community at large through intentional social exclusivity. It is the perfect place to foster greater holistic health as you advance through every milestone of your overall goal. Being a part of something larger than yourself lends itself to accountability and change. These are two aspects necessary for your health journey. 

Experience Premier Social Amenities at Salina Country Club

For over 100 years, Salina Country Club has been a landmark in many people’s lives as we provide a way for people to meet, mingle, and play together. Members have enjoyed the club for generations and have gathered here to escape the stress of their professional lives and create cherished memories with their families. 

Contact us today to learn about our community and enjoy our amazing amenities that bring people together.


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