Why is a Golf Course a Foolproof Wedding Venue?

Wedding at a country club on a golf course by a pond

Choosing the right venue for your big day is crucial. It’s where all the magic happens. Where friends and family are gathered to celebrate with you and your partner on making a lifelong commitment. 

Every detail matters when planning and approving decisions that impact your wedding day. You must choose an ideal time of year, choose an indoor or outdoor setting, and all the logistics in between. The good news is that a golf course is a wedding day’s dream come true, checking off the boxes that matter most and then some.

Reasons Golf Courses are a Popular Wedding Choice

All-inclusive Consolidating your wedding ceremony and reception in one location helps simplify your agenda. There is no threat of delivery location mixups or juggling the communication and expectations from various businesses and services. You’ve got what you need in one place with all the resources you need from banquet staff to security to take care of everything for you. It’s no wonder couples are opting for this type of venue. It is a great way to remove unnecessary stress from your planning and actually enjoy the moment of your big day for all it represents. 

Cost-effective – Since you have everything you need from start to finish in one location, a country club golf course helps many couples save money. The amounts are all bundled together. One location for everything is a great way to reduce both confusion and total amounts. You don’t have to juggle the different price tags that add up when you have the wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception in various locations. Your guests and wedding planners can count on one place which is often less expensive than relying on separate catering and bar services. 

Picturesque backdrop – The landscape beauty of a golf course pairs perfectly with wedding day photos.  A spacious manicured outdoor area makes it easy to get an amazing sequence of photos. Decorations only enhance the beauty of the natural backdrop. Many golf courses have ponds, lakes, bridges, trees, and a panoramic view to capture it all. Also with the indoor areas, you’ll often find country clubs with elegant ballrooms including fireplaces and impressive lighting fixtures. It is easy to capture amazing photos with so many great background options. 

Golf course Wedding Venues Keep it Simple for Everyone

Overall, you are saving yourself and attendees a tremendous amount of stress and potential confusion. Making a country club golf course your chosen wedding day venue is an easy way to simplify your wedding day plans. This in turn, makes it easier for your guests and helpers to remain on schedule with everything in one place and reduces the risk of regret or mistakes. Reducing stress and worry for everyone involved is a tremendous benefit to keeping things simple and cost-effective.

Experience Salina Country Club’s Premier Wedding Day Amenities

Need help? We’ve got your answer. Your perfect wedding day venue is waiting for you at Salina Country Club. Decorate the way you’ve always wanted in our beautiful indoor and outdoor areas available. We can accommodate wedding sizes large and small, making it easy to facilitate your needs within a picture-perfect setting. For over 100 years, the Salina Country Club has been a landmark in many people’s lives as we provide a way for people to meet, mingle, and celebrate life together.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your special day smooth and stress-free.


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