5 Reasons Kids Should Play Junior Golf

A instructor teaching a kid golf in a junior golf program

Golf is becoming more popular than ever, which means kids are becoming more interested in hitting the green. This is primarily due to programs such as the PGA Junior League Golf and PGA Golf Camps. But, you don’t have to enroll in these expensive, hard to come by programs. Salina Country Club members can enroll their children in the Salina Country Club’s Junior Golf program. 

For over 100 years, Salina Country Club has been a landmark in Salina, Kansas, offering a plethora of opportunities for fun, networking, and relaxation. Golf is a big part of our community and we ensure our members enjoy the best experience around – no matter their age. Read our blog post below to learn why you should let your kids have fun on the green.

Junior Golf Provides a Way to Socialize and Make Friends

It’s hard for some kids to make friends. One of the best ways children learn how to socialize is by engaging in sports. According to the PGA, golf has been shown to make life-long friendships by having them learn and play together. As a country club, we’ve seen firsthand the comradery our members have in building friendships from young children to older adults.

Golf Promotes Exceptional Physical Health

The game of golf is an excellent introductory sport for kids to get involved in to promote their physical health. Playing golf strengthens the spine and core muscles, not to mention improve their hand-eye coordination. Moreover, adding other physical activities into their lives such as yoga, swimming, and strength training, can help improve their endurance and balance, leading to a better golf game. 

Junior Golf Can Promote an Early Love for Nature

Another benefit to enrolling your children into a junior program is by introducing them to the beauty of nature. Golf is more than just an outside activity, it allows us to engage with the sunshine, breath in the fresh air, and appreciate the greenery that surrounds us. At Salina Country Club, we meticulously maintain our grounds and landscapes to ensure every member enjoys them. 

Junior Golf Teaches Discipline

It may sound crazy, but sports play a powerful role in teaching kids responsibility and discipline. Golf is a lot more than just sitting on a cart, walking to a ball, and hitting as far as you can, it’s about improving one’s skill. You’ve heard it before, practice makes perfect, and kids who dedicate themselves to sports often gain a sense of accomplishment. Players who experience this success often carry it into other areas of their lives like their future careers, schooling, and more.

Teaching Kids Golf Can Promote Family Time

Your kids aren’t the only ones who may be enjoying golf. You might already be into the sport and look forward to hitting the green whenever you can. By enrolling your child into a Junior Golf program, you can start bringing them with you to play some rounds and encourage their interests. Not to mention bond with them over a common interest!

Salina Country Club Offers a Fun, Engaging Junior Golf Program

We look forward to inspiring youth golfers by offering a fun golf program where they can learn and experience the sport. Our program includes skill lessons, course etiquette, tips, open range play, prizes, and so much more. Young golfers will work with our trained professionals to receive optimal development. At the end of the summer, we host a summer program graduation ceremony where children are rewarded with participation certificates and many other awards.

Interested in enrolling your child in our Junior Golf program? Contact us today and we’ll help you get started!


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