5 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Swim

A little girl learning to swim at Salina Country Club's swimming pool

Learning to swim is one of the most fundamental life skills kids should learn early on. Lessons have a number of benefits on our children’s development, including building character, developing motor skills, and much more. Additionally, it’s a great outlet to let out some of your child’s energy. Our article below details why you should consider enrolling your child in a swimming program.

Swimming is Not Just for Sport, It’s for Life

Swimming is not only something we do for fun, it can legitimately save our lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more children ages 1-4 die from drowning than any other cause of death except birth defects. Teaching your child early on will help prevent the risk of drowning and will ensure they know what to do in almost any situation. In fact, recent studies have shown that lessons reduce the risk of drowning for children.

Swim Lessons Helps Prevent or Overcome Fear of the Water

With drowning being a top concern for kids, it’s important to get them comfortable around water at an early age. One of the things we like to instill in all our early students is comfort and confidence. Instructors focus on small successes like body position and breathing control to ensure your child is having fun and is confident around water. 

Learning to Swim Builds Strength and Fitness

Another reason why kids should be learning to swim is how it helps improve their overall fitness. Swimming is a low-impact activity, meaning that it puts much less stress on our joints. While injuries are possible, it doesn’t prevent participation in the activity. In fact, if a person has injured their shoulder, they can still practice kicking techniques

Kids who engage in swimming often experience improved strength and overall cardiovascular health. The activity works out all parts of the body simultaneously by using muscle groups like arms, legs, and the back to improve overall fitness. Additionally, it helps improve overall endurance and the body’s efficiency using oxygen. 

Swimming Helps Make Kids Smarter

According to a study from the Griffith Institute of Educational Research in Australia, children who learn at a young age have more physical and cognitive abilities. The research reveals children ages 3-to-5 years old who take lessons scored higher in mathematics, reading, oral expression, story recall, visual motor skills, and understanding directions more proficiently than their peers who haven’t attended lessons. 

Swim Lessons Build Social Confidence

Another reason enrolling your kids in lessons is important is how it helps them socialize. Oftentimes, these lessons take place in groups, and as they learn these lifelong skills, they’re observing and working with their peers towards a common goal. Another factor to consider is kids may find a lifelong love for swimming and later decide to take it on as a hobby, like surfing, competitive swimming, etc. Which means they will build relationships along the way that may last a lifetime.

The Salina Country Club Offers Lessons to Members

Knowing how to swim is a life skill that encompasses safety, fun, and overall fitness to better the lives of our children. The Salina Country Club is proud to offer swimming lessons to build confidence in children in a fun, engaging environment. 

For over 100 years, the Salina Country Club has been a landmark in many people’s lives as we provide a way for people to meet, mingle, and play together. Members have enjoyed the club for generations and have gathered here to get away from the stress of their professional lives and create cherished memories with their families. Contact us today to learn more about our community and our lessons.


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