What Should Tennis Players Eat?

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Athletes require a very strict, healthy diet to secure maximum performance. This is especially true for tennis players looking to better their game. To get the nutrients we need, we require a varied, well-balanced diet to sustain good health. 

The Salina Country Club is one of Kansas’ premier country clubs that’s offering enjoyable amenities to better the lives of our members. Everything from our tennis courts and championship golf course to our variety of dining experiences is held to a high standard. Read our article below to learn what tennis players often consider with their diet. 

Carbohydrates Play a Major Role in Tennis Players’ Diets

Carbohydrates are people’s best source of energy, providing fuel for your muscles, brain, and organs. Carbs are stored in the body in the form of glycogen and too few carbs can lead to early fatigue on the court. 

There are two types of carbohydrates – simple (sugars) and complex (starches). Simple carbs are called this due to their ability to be easily digested at a rapid rate. Complex carbs primarily come from foods such as potatoes, pasta, and whole grains; these are typically slower to digest. 

It is generally recommended that complex carbohydrates be consumed, especially those with a low glycemic index (GI) because they have high fiber and vitamin contents. Giving athletes a sustained energy release over a long period. 

Fats Are Another Important Source for Energy

Another source of energy for tennis players and other athletes is fats. This is especially true for athletes playing long matches and training sessions, but it’s not meant to be the sole energy source. Too little fat can lead to vitamin deficiencies and organ damage, also possibly weakening people’s immune systems. 

There are two types of fats: saturated fats and unsaturated fats. 

  • Saturated fats: Typically found in animal fats (except fish).
  • Unsaturated fats: Commonly found in vegetables, oil, and fatty fish.

Ideally, for good heart health, tennis players and other athletes should eat twice as much vegetable fat as animal fat. This is because vegetables help make hormones and help regulate our blood flow. Additionally, it helps promote healthy skin and hair, as well as energy for training. 

Don’t Forget to Hydrate!

This does not just relate to tennis players. Everyone should be drinking plenty of water, especially during those hotter months. When it comes to being active on the court, it’s absolutely essential to keep up a competitive match and stay safe. 

During your training and matches, having water easily accessible and making the most of opportunities to drink will help replace your sweat loss. As each athlete has unique fueling and hydration needs, it’s important to speak with a sports physician to determine appropriate fluids to consume. 

How Should Tennis Players Recover After Training or Playing a Match?

One of the most important things any athlete can do after a workout or a game is properly recover from strenuous activity. If a player has less than 8-12 hours between sessions or playing their next match, they should prioritize nutrition recovery as soon as possible.

Recovery meals and snacks should contain carbohydrates, protein, and plenty of fluids and electrolytes to replace sweat losses. Additionally, incorporating plenty of vegetables is an absolute must to support recovery and a healthy gut and immune system.  Some recovery food suggestions include:

  • Egg salad
  • Milk
  • Wraps with chicken, veggies, and cheese
  • Pasta
  • Trail mix

The Salina Country Club Welcomes All Tennis Players

For over 100 years, the Salina Country Club has been a landmark in many people’s lives as we provide a way for people to meet, mingle, and play together. Members have enjoyed the club for generations and have gathered here to get away from the stress of their professional lives and create cherished memories with their families. 

Contact us today to learn more about our community and our tennis amenities.


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