What Are the Best Times for a Tee Time?

A golf ball on a tee during someone's tee time

A golf tee time is a reserved time slot for the start of play on the day at a particular course. Times are typically booked well in advance and can be made through an online booking portal, in person at the golf course, or over the phone. But, what are the best times for tee time?

The Salina Country Club is one of Kansas’ premier clubs offering enjoyable amenities to better the lives of our members. Everything, from our tennis courts and championship golf course to our variety of dining experiences is held to a high standard. Read our article below to learn how choosing the best time can help create a fun, worthwhile golfing experience for you. 

How Does a Golf Tee Time Work?

The process of tee time starts when a golfer books with a particular course to play a round of golf. A time slot is then assigned to this booking and the golfer must start his or her round of golf within this time slot. The reason why tee times are used on golf courses is that on a typical day there can be hundreds of players on the course, so having a system in place can help mediate how many are on at once. This ensures a quality, enjoyable golf experience for all. 

While there is a grace period of a few minutes, in general, golfers must stick to their allocated times otherwise they risk the chance of having their round of golf canceled Or interrupted by other players.

What is a Good Tee time?

Many golfers agree that a good time to start playing is early in the morning. Many clubs open at sunrise during the warmer months allowing players to start their games before 9 a.m., so you have fewer golfers in front of you and you have more time to complete your round. 

Some players like to play in the afternoon because of their work commitments. When booking an afternoon time slot, you should make sure you schedule the latest time to start in order to complete a full 18 holes. If not, you may find yourself finishing up with holes still to play. 

The most popular tee times are between 7:45 a.m. and 9 a.m. depending on whether you are playing an 18 hole, 9 hole, or a par 3 course. If you want to avoid the rush then these times or slots in the late afternoon or early evening are best.

How Can You Make Sure You Never Miss Your Reservation?

We understand how busy you can get and how that can affect you remembering your tee time. It is a very common occurrence, but there are some easy ways to remember you have a reservation. Some tips we have are:

  • Make a note of the time and day of when your reservation is on your calendar or planner.
  • Make sure you plan your meals according to your tee time. 
  • Consider traffic before your tee-off to ensure you make it to the course on time.

If you are going to be late for a reservation, be sure to contact the golf club right away.

Schedule a Tee Time to Play  on The Salina Country Club’s 18-Hole Course

The Salina Country Club is one of the premier places in Kansas to play golf. We offer an excellent golf course where our members can unwind and start competitive games of golf. Additionally, we offer golf lessons from our certified golf professionals to elevate your skills to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our golf lessons and our championship course.


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