4 Tips to Plan the Perfect Wedding at a Country Club

wedding at a country club outside on a golf course

Country clubs are more than just golf courses and a place to mingle over dinner. Many offer the perfect location for the perfect wedding that offers a sense of elegance and luxury. Whether your celebration is small or large, clubs offer the space needed to create one of the most beautiful moments in your life. 

Salina Country Club is one of Kansas’ premier clubs offering enjoyable amenities to better the lives of our members. Everything, from our tennis courts and championship golf course to our variety of dining experiences is held to a high standard. We also offer a beautiful setting for any special event or celebration. Read our article below to learn 5 tips to help you plan a wedding at a country club.

Handle Your Big Details First

Getting the big decisions out of the way first helps plan the rest of your event. Some of the big details that you should do before detailing how, where, and what your event should look like include:

  • Setting a date for the wedding
  • Securing the venue at the country club
  • Finalizing the guest list
  • Sending out the invitations
  • Saying yes to a dress

Once you’ve completed these tasks, you can shift your focus on how your venue will look. Country clubs offer a lot of built-in amenities that help create a truly wonderful experience for you and your partner, your guests, and your wedding coordinators. 

Set a Budget for Your Wedding Venue

One of the best things about hosting your celebration at a country club is how it can feel like an all-inclusive resort. It offers another level of convenience for couples and their guests as it refrains from having to host the ceremony in one location and moving the entire party elsewhere for the reception. Clubs can host the entire event in one location! This is very beneficial for your wedding budget and makes it much easier for everyone involved in the celebration. 

Consider Your Guests Needs

Another benefit to partnering with a country club for your wedding is how they can connect you with local hotels and provide special hotel rates. For guests coming from out of town, this is an excellent way to ensure they’re comfortable before and after your event. Also, being able to stay as close as possible to your venue is always a plus for any guest.

If your guest is also big into golf, it might not be a bad idea to schedule a tee time for your family and friends to enjoy a round after the wedding.

Ensure Your Wedding Remains Private

One fear brides and grooms face when hosting their ceremony and reception at a country club is having unwelcome guests crash their event. While this is an understandable concern, most clubs will ensure your special day remains private. However, if you decide to host your ceremony on the golf course, you may have a few spectators as they play their rounds of golf. If this is a concern for you, you should ask the venue about possible accommodations early on or additional locations that may be less apparent to players.

Host Your Wedding at Salina Country Club

For over 100 years, Salina Country Club has been a landmark in many people’s lives as we provide a way for people to meet, mingle, and play together. Members have enjoyed the club for generations and have gathered here to get away from the stress of their professional lives and create cherished memories with their families. Contact us today to learn more about our event spaces and how we can help create a wedding that nobody will ever forget. 


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